As a Small business owner I wear a lot of hats, and some of them don't fit as well as others. One hat I'm not so confident and comfortable in is the Bookkeeping one, and my guess is I am not the only one. Looking to add a bookkeeper as a supporting role to my business was a crucial step for foundation and efficiency so I could focus on growing my business.


After a few referrals, some interviewing of them, and careful thought I decided to give SD Bookkeeping a try. I met with Dawn at their office, and from day one she adds a layer of value to each and every interaction we have.


Most bookkeepers plug numbers into a program like Quickbooks and keep things clean so your reports are manageable and running smooth. However, SD Bookkeping goes above and beyond! Dawn and her team set a priority to stay ahead of the bookkeeping learning curve with continued education and strive for excellence.


Her effective style of working together with payroll companies, EDD, CPA's, and state and local entities is seamless and holistic to ease the burden off of you, the business owner to focus on your top priority... building the business.


Each meeting or interaction with SD Bookkeeping is filled with connection, kindness, and understanding of my time and focus. They follow a strict checklist every time to ensure all needed items are covered and completed with accuracy, they have a strict data and document storage and management protocol that is highly effective.


I have been deeply grateful for the business connection I have made with SD Bookkeeping. There is no doubt in my mind they have played a crucial role in the growth of my multiple businesses as well as the quality of record keeping and accuracy of "books" management with integrity.


If you are a business owner looking to partner with an entity to do bookkeeping, look no further - your bright light has arrived.


With every ounce of respect and appreciation I strongly recommend SD Bookkeeping.

Greg Gagnon, President / CEO, Organic Office Inc. - Barefoot Business Inc. - Cali Paddler LLC.

SD Bookkeeping is my favorite partner to work with. Dawn and her team are not only incredibly responsive to all our needs in a timely manner, but they are always ready to go the extra mile to make things smoother for us and ensure that we have everything we need.


Dawn is a master at figuring out all the nuances of QuickBooks and makes it her personal mission to track down answers to all our peculiar QuickBooks questions. She knows her stuff and continually impresses us with her knowledge.


We have also utilized her team on a temporary basis as a backup when we were short employees. But even more importantly, she and her team are a joy to work with. One phone call with them and I instantly feel better about my day. I know when I call them, they will be responsive and cheerful. My entire staff enjoys working with them.


I have worked with several other bookkeeping services in the past and feel incredibly lucky we found SD Bookkeeping not only for the exceptional service and how pleasurable they are to work with, but their rates are some of the best around.
Barb Greiert, New Indulgence, Inc.: Luxury Romance Kits